"Spring daffodil" guided meditation

In last night's integrated class of vinyasa flow and therapeutic yoga, I led a "spring daffodil" guided meditation just before relaxation (savasana) to help the class slow down. The class left feeling calm, centred and totally relaxed. As the students floated out of the studio, I thought I would share this beautiful and simple visualisation with you.

This meditation can be as long or short as you require and can be practised anywhere you feel comfortable to do so.

Find a comfortable seat, or lay down and make sure you are warm. Take a few minutes to settle yourself and be truly comfortable. Close your eyes and picture a field of beautiful daffodils. Use your imagination to observe all the different shades of yellow as they glisten in the sunlight. Notice how the daffodils gently sway in the subtle breeze. The daffodils are not going anywhere, they are simply being. They have no agenda, nothing to do or achieve, they are simply basking in the sunlight, swaying gently, almost nodding. As you sit comfortably and observe the daffodils, you may start to feel the warmth from the sun bathe over you. As thoughts enter, keep bringing your awareness back to this field of golden yellow daffodils. You have nothing to do, or fix, simply enjoy watching these wonderful flowers in the sunlight.

To release out of the meditation, take as much time as you need. When you are ready, take a deeper breathe in and sigh the breath away, as you gently bring your self back.

Keep this beautiful scene in your mind's eye and remember.....you can come back to the field of daffodils anytime for some well deserved quiet time. When you notice the many daffodils around at the moment, use it as an opportunity to be totally present.


Namaste x

Photo by Katherine McCormack

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