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Healing Therapy


The Mill Stream Studio

Fri 28th June

19:00 - 20:30


Slip into a deeply healing energetic space like no other.


Abbie & Lia - the ever popular collaboration, will join forces once again to offer you a truly unique event allowing you to feel physical, emotional and mental balance.

Lia will soothe you with her beautiful sound healing while Abbie will guide you into yin yoga poses combined with reiki hands on healing throughout. Lia plays an array of wonderful instruments taking you on a truly magical journey.

Open to all levels

Limited spaces


WORKSHOP - transform stress into inner peace

Odyssey, Knebworth

Sat 10th August


£35 members, £45 non members

Stress is a natural response to modern living, however when we live in a constant state of stress it can impact our overall health and wellbeing.

Join this transformative 1.5 hour workshop to reduce stress and instead cultivate inner peace.


Be guided through simple, yet highly effective flows, breathing techniques and calming meditations. Enhance your overall well-being and leave feeling calm, centered, renewed and revitalised.

All levels and experience welcome.



The Ware Priory

Sun 15th September



Embrace autumn, the season of the metal element and phase of "rising yin"  where we begin to retreat once again as energy moves inwards.


This event will support the metal element and the seasonal organs of lungs and large intestine by incorporating teachings from Chinese Medicine to help you live in rhythm with nature. 


Be guided through a mindful slow flow, break for yummy treats and teas and enjoy walks around the beautiful historic grounds soaking up nature. Last but by no means least, enjoy a beautiful qigong session sealed with a seasonal guided meditation and reiki.

Enjoy time to slow down, breathe deeply and let go.



The Ware Priory

Sun 7th July



Welcome Summer with half a day dedicated to you! This day will include teachings from Traditional Chinese Medicine to interweave flow yoga, qigong, breath work & meditation to honour the time of maximum yang. 


This is the time of year when we shift gears and move into warmer & longer days. But as we expend more energy, it can easily lead to feeling depleted and fatigued.


Join this day to nourish the seasonal organ of the heart and to help create balance at this fiery time of year.


You will also be nourished with yummy treats and organic delicious juices!


WORKSHOP - for health & vitality

The Secret Space, Hertford

Sat 17th August


£25 early bird price, £30 thereafter

In this workshop you will take a deep dive into the world of Traditional Chinese Medicine to embody the ancient healing art of qigong.


Qigong is one of the 5 pillars of Traditional Chinese Medicine and includes slow and gentle movement, meditation, breath work and visualisation.


The benefits of this practice are endless and include supporting joint health, reducing stress, improving strength & stability, restoring balance in body-mind-spirit.

All levels and experience welcome.



Southern Spain

Sat 28th Sept - Sat 5th Oct

Single & double occupancy available


Slip away from the stresses and strains of modern day living and immerse
yourself in a magical, eco-friendly sanctuary in the mountains of Southern Spain. 

Be guided through many healing sessions including meditation, yoga, qigong and reiki infused yin yoga. 
Explore walks in the stunning consciously designed gardens home to an exceptional variety of trees and plants from all over the world.

Indulge in 3 vegetarian meals per day lovingly prepared by the head chef. 

This stunning venue has 2 pools to choose from; an 18 meter luxurious black-and-gold swimming pool, or a beautiful plunge pool perfect to unwind in.

Relax, unwind and heal



Blend Organics, Ware

Wed 10th July

11:00-12:00 then stay for a smoothie/juice (included in the price)


Slip into a deeply healing energetic space like no other!

Be guided into yin yoga poses to help release tension and tightness while Loren plays beautifully soothing instruments and enjoy reiki hands on healing throughout.


This immersive energetic experience  of sound, vibration and reiki will awaken your inner harmony and restore balance to your body, mind, and spirit. 

Limited spaces so don't miss out!

All levels and experience welcome.

Energy Healing

YIN & REIKI EVENT - Late Summer

The Mill Stream Studio

Fri 6th September

19:00 - 20:30


Late summer is when the Earth Element is at its peak. This is the time of year when earth hangs in balance between the warmer summer days and the coolness of autumn/winter.

In this event you will support this transitional phase by targeting the seasonal organs of stomach & spleen. Slip into long holds targeting this pair of organs and energy pathways, while enjoying reiki hands on healing throughout.

Cultivate a deeper connect to the Earth Element and experience greater energetic balance; feel grounded and in harmony with life.

Open to all levels



UK's stunning countryside

Friday 21st - Sunday 23rd March 2025

As you say farewell to winter, embrace the season of growth and expansion - spring!

This wellbeing retreat will take place in a stunning location in rural England set upon 170 acres of ancient woodlands.


Enjoy yoga, qigong and reiki with options to wild swim, or take a trip on the little boat! Why not ignite the spark of your inner child and find the hidden treehouse?

This retreat is a chance to emerge from the stillness of winter as your true authentic self and flourish into spring, just as nature does.

All levels welcome.


Events are non refundable and non transferable

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