Meet Abbie

Having worked in the fashion industry for 16 years and finishing my career as a Senior Fashion Buyer, I took a leap of faith and turned my career towards my true passion: health, wellbeing and yoga. Having struggled with my own health concerns, I know first hand how the natural and holistic approach can make all the difference.
As a qualified personal trainer and qualifications in nutrition, health coaching and wellness management, I was still missing one piece to my puzzle! Having practised yoga for over 15 years, I finally took my passion one step further by completing teacher training in vinyasa flow yoga, yin yoga, meditation and therapeutic yoga. Thus Lotus Health Space was born!
As a mother, a wife and a business women, I know how difficult it can be to juggle everything life throws at you whilst remaining centred. I firmly believe that true health and happiness arises from a collaboration of good food, remaining active, surrounding yourself with good people and doing things you love.   


Lotus Health Space is a Welwyn and Hertford based yoga community offering yoga and meditation classes. 

Why Lotus Health Space?

The Lotus flower is one of the most beautiful flowers in the world, yet its journey to bloom is far from beauty itself. Its symbolic journey represents what Lotus Health Space is all about.


You may feel that you have your roots firmly grounded in the mud, however through the practise of yoga, you will feel motivated, inspired and empowered to rise through the muddy streams and grow to bloom, becoming your true healthy self. 

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