What we offer


Qigong is one of the five pillars of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Qi can be translated as vital life force while gong means to cultivate or work. Therefore qigong is a form of energy cultivation which includes forms (movement), visualisation, meditation and breath work to harmonise the flow of qi.


Qigong helps to restore balance in body-mind-spirit, as well as aids lubrication of joints, builds strength and stability.

The qigong classes and courses on offer are suitable for all levels and experience.


Slow Flow Yoga

Vinyasa flow is a beautiful practise synchronising breath and movement into a seamless flow of sequences. Slow flow yoga is a slightly slower than a traditional vinyasa flow class. This slower approach will help to bring awareness on all levels, keeping you totally present. 

Be guided through beautiful flows with a strong focus on mind-body movement and explore yoga not only in its traditional sense, but also through the lens of qi gong and teachings from Traditional Chinese Medicine, making this class a truly unique experience. This style of yoga will bring some heat and energy, but will also incorporate breath work and guided meditations so you leave feeling completely in balance.


Energising Flow Yoga

Like slow flow yoga, energising flow explores seamless flows to link movement to breath and is slightly slower than a traditional vinyasa flow class.

This class draws on Abbie's qualification as a personal trainer to bring more heat than a slow flow class and has a strong focus on building strength and stability.


Breath work and guided meditations will also be incorporated so you will leave feeling strong yet truly relaxed.

Yin Yoga

A still and peaceful practise with long holds and no muscular effort which allow the connective tissue around the joints to be safely stretched.


Yin yoga targets specific meridian lines in the body. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, these meridian lines are energy channels and it is via these energy channels which chi flows. Chi is often described as our vital essence, or our energy, which link spirit, mind and body. During this class Abbie will often include elements from qi gong and acupressure to truly enhance the experience.

This passive practice includes seated and supine poses held for anywhere between roughly 3 - 5 minutes.

This style of yoga will leave you feeling blissfully calm.

Myo-Yin Yoga

Incorporating yin yoga with MFR (myofascial release techniques) to release tension in the connective tissue (fascia) and help improve posture, reduce pain and stiffness. 


Each class will focus on specific trigger points/restrictive areas to improve mobility and physical function. Combining these specific techniques with a calming yin yoga practise has a profound effect on both the body and mind.


This style of yoga works extremely well to combat today's sedentary lifestyle and helps to create freedom and space in body and mind.

Therapeutic Yoga

A gentle and restorative style of yoga incorporating movement, breath work and meditation, designed to harness the body's natural healing powers.

This style of yoga is best taught as a one-on-one or small group private class. This will allow the class to be specifically tailored to your needs so you truly benefit from its healing powers. 

This style of yoga is best suited to anyone looking to boost overall well-being, or to promote a recovery from injury or illness.

All classes are sealed with a guided meditation and relaxation to leave you feeling blissfully calm and present.
All levels are welcome in all classes.