& additional learning 



Tantric Theory & Chakra Meditation

Paul Grilley

Dec 2020

Qigong Immersion

Mimi Kuo-Deemer

July 2020

Chakra Meditation

Paul Grilley

May 2020

5 Archetypal Poses of Yin Yoga

Paul Grilley

May 2020

Myofascial Release, Yin Yoga, Spine Anatomy

Jo Phee

Sept 2019

Advanced Yin Yoga Teacher Training

The Yin Space,

July 2019

Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training,

Ambika Yoga,

May 2017

Radiance Sutras Meditation Teacher Training,

Dr Lorin Roche & Camille Maurine,

April 2016

Yin Yoga Teacher Training 100 Hours,

The Yin Space,

March 2016

Yoga Masterclass with Bryan Kest in Power Yoga

& Long Slow Deep

Aug 2015

Yoga Teacher Training Level 1 200 Hours,

In Yoga Australia,

Aug 2015

Personal Training

Australian Institute of Fitness

(Certificate recognised worldwide)

July 2014


Pre-conception, Pregnancy & Lactation Nutrition,

Cadence Health

July 2015

Certificate of Wellbeing Coaching & Management

Cadence Health

May 2015

Wellbeing Management & Health Coaching Practises 

Cadence Health

May 2015


Certificate of Food & Wellness Coaching 

Cadence Health

April 2015

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