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Yin Yang Yoga Retreat SUN 25th JUNE

"There is a yin and yang to everything in the universe. They are like two sides to the same coin, one cannot exist without the other and they compliment each other" Paul Grilley

I am pleased to announce our next yoga retreat! This retreat is all about creating life balance, how to live mindfully and in the present moment.


The retreat will be held at the beautifully historic Ware Priory; a stunning Grade I listed building set in acres of picturesque riverside gardens, with period architecture dating back to medieval times. The room we will be using backs onto the beautiful gardens, which we will use at our leisure during the breaks.


The first yoga session will be a 75 minute vinyasa flow class. This will be our "yang" part of the day. We will link movement to breath in beautiful flows and finish with a calming guided meditation and relaxation. Having also trained in therapeutic yoga, this class is designed to bring your body into balance through specific asanas (poses), breath work and hand-on adjustments.

We will then break and enjoy an organic juice and some healthy treats before settling down to listen to the presentation discussing "How to live mindfully & create balance". Being a health and wellness coach, this presentation draws on many learnings and experiences to give you very simple and achievable ways to help bring balance to your life.

We will end the day with a 75 minute yin yoga and deep relaxation class. "Yin yoga is not new. It is a return and inclusion to a more traditional way-the missing side of the yoga coin" Melanie McLaughlin

In this yin class we will hold poses for a few minutes and work directly on fascial trains (soft tissue in the body connecting one body part-either muscular or skeletal-to another). In these fascial trains lie our muscle meridians according to Traditional Chinese Medicine. These meridian lines are said to be energy lines linking groups of muscles together so that chi can flow easily through them. During the class you will hear explanations about which meridian lines we are targeting and the benefits for you health. After each pose we will rest for a minute to allow the chi (energy or life force) to flow freely.

We will complete the day with yoga nidra; a state of consciousness between wake and sleep, known as the ultimate relaxation! You will be guided into this state of deep relaxation, which will leave you ready to float out of the retreat, feeling totally at ease!

Sunday 25th June 2017


The Ware Priory, Hertfordshire, SG12 9AL

£36 if you book before 28th April, £40 thereafter

If this sounds like something you need, then please email to book your place. Limited spaces available, so book quickly to avoid disappointment!

Namaste x

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