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Pregnancy guided meditation

This simple guided pregnancy meditation uses a beautiful visualisation of a flower opening to help guide you towards a smooth and peaceful birth. This meditation is ideal for the final trimester when you are nearing the end of your pregnancy. Enjoy!

  • Start by finding a comfortable seat of your choice. Ensure your hips are higher than your knees to allow your spine to be straight. Keep your shoulders relaxed away from your ears to avoid any tension in the body. You can sit on a pillow, or blanket for extra comfort. Make sure you are comfortably warm and in an environment in which you can totally relax.

  • Take a few long, slow breaths in and out (ideally through the nose) and allow yourself to totally relax on every exhale.

  • Bring all your awareness to your breath flowing in and out and notice how your breath fills your belly.

  • Place your hands gently on your belly and as you continue these long slow easy breaths, notice your connection with baby.

  • Once relaxed, start to picture a beautiful bright flower in your mind's eye. Notice the vibrant colours and textures of the flower.

  • Start to picture yourself as this beautiful flower.

  • On each exhale you bloom and open completely. As this happens your baby starts to move down into the pelvis getting ready to come into the world.

  • Continue these long slow easy breaths and continue to visualise yourself as this beautiful flower, gently opening and allowing baby to smoothly make her/ his way into the world.

  • If your mind starts to wander, as it may do, bring your awareness back to your breath and this beautiful image of a stunning flower in your minds eye. Pay attention to the connection you have with baby as your hands gently connect to your belly.

  • You can allow yourself to go deeper and visualise a calm and peaceful birth.

To safely come out of the meditation, bring your awareness back to your breath flowing in and out of your nose, notice any sounds around you, place your hands in your lap and gently open your eyes.

Before getting up, take a few deeper breaths and sigh the breath away. Take your time and move slowly and mindfully, there is no rush. Savour and enjoy this moment!

Namaste x

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