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September yoga retreat

Sunday 10th September bump and I ran another Lotus Health Space Yoga Retreat back at the popular and stunning location of The Ware Priory, Hertfordshire.

This yoga retreat was yet again another sell out event with more new faces. It's great to see our yoga community growing each time.

We started the day with a welcome organic herbal tea to set a calm and relaxed tone. (Pukka teas are my favourite)

Organic Pukka herbal teas

We then started our first class, which was a 75 minute vinyasa flow yoga class. We worked total body and mind to create seamless flows with a deep connection to breath, before finishing the class with a guided meditation and well deserved savasana (relaxation).

Vinyasa flow yoga class

After the first yoga class, the guests enjoyed some new healthy treats including "apricot toffee balls" and "pistachio flapjacks". Both are not only delicious and simple to make, but are also sugar and dairy free and packed with goodness! The recipes will be uploaded to the blog this space!

pistachio flapjacks

Apricot toffee balls

The guests then took some time to relax and enjoy a presentation discussing "how to live in rhythm with the seasons". In the talk we discussed what seasonal living is all about; how to live in rhythm with each season along with simple tips, what foods are beneficial during each season, the 24 hour Qi and organ cycle relating to Traditional Chinese Medicine. We then finished the talk with a summary of how to get ready for autumn.

The day was completed with a 75 minute therapeutic yoga class and yoga nidra. Yoga is an inward observation with no competition or comparison to others. It doesn't matter what the person next to you is doing, as we are all experiencing different things. This class truly allowed the guests to find that inward observation and to be "the witness". Although there were varying existing injuries throughout the group, it didn't matter, as yoga is for everyone and there are always modifications available.

Therapeutic yoga class

As I am now officially on maternity leave, the next retreat is currently TBC, but hopefully by March next year!

Thank you to all the guests for making my last retreat before I go off to prepare for baby 2 so special and memorable. You were all a joy to teach and to share knowledge with!

As we say to ourselves and each other.....Namaste x

Photos by my dear friend Gabriella Everist

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