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Living in rhythm with spring

"Spring is a new beginning-the time of year to “rise early with the sun” and take “brisk walks”, reflecting the ascending and active nature of spring" -Paul Pitchford, Healing with whole foods, 3rd edition.

Spring has been teasing us here in the UK for some time, but it finally feels like spring is here! Yippee! As we welcome the warmer weather and longer days, see below how we can live in rhythm with this wonderful time of year to optimise our health and wellbeing.


  • In nature plants and flowers come to bloom and start new life. This is exactly the right time for us to start new beginnings. Have you had a burning desire to start something new in your life? Start a yoga class, change career, decorate a room in your home? Whatever it may be, however big or small it may seem, spring is the time to follow through with new ideas and implement change.

  • Spring is the perfect time to clean & detox your home. There is nothing more cleansing than a big clear out! Charity shops will always welcome any of your unwanted items if they are in a good condition.

  • As well as your living space, spring is the perfect time to detox your personal life. What isn't serving you anymore? Are you wasting energy in areas which could be better spent? Spend time with people who inspire you and make you laugh.


  • Use spring as an opportunity to detox your body. As we move from heavy, hearty winter meals, food in spring becomes much simpler. It is the perfect time to introduce raw and sprouted foods

  • Food is best cooked for a shorter time; lightly steam or minimal steaming is ideal.

  • Too much fat, chemicals and intoxicants all disrupt the hundreds of biochemical processes of the liver, so be sure to choose wholesome, fresh and in-season foods. TIP: when you are shopping for fresh foods, always check the origin. If the food has travelled from far and beyond it should make you stop and wonder. Try to choose food from your home country or within close proximity where possible to ensure your food is as fresh as it can be.

  • Maybe try growing your own foods? Herbs are a great and easy way to start growing your own food. You don't need much space, they are easy to manage and it's fun for children to get involved too.

  • THINK GREEN! Eat green leafy salads, fresh herbs, start the day with a fresh green juice (see the lotus health space Facebook page or Instagram account for an amazing green juice)!

Now the sun is making an appearance and the air is gently warming your skin, be sure to get outside, soak up the sun; take brisk walks, cycle, run, practise yoga outside, whatever serves you and makes you feel good. Enjoy this new cycle and I challenge you to use spring as the perfect opportunity for a new beginning, a time for dynamic growth and inspiration.

Namaste x

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