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Smell the coffee

I have been seeing a lot of clients recently to help reduce stress/ anxiety, which seems to be very common in today's society. I therefore thought I would share a really simple, yet extremely effective mindfulness/ meditative technique to help keep you totally present and to start your day the right way. This simple technique will show you how to appreciate small everyday pleasures by using all of your senses and will help to create an overall sense of calm and perspective.

I don't personally drink coffee and for this exercise it doesn't matter, as it can be applied to any morning drink you choose. This technique can also be applied throughout the day.

An important point to note here is that there is no judgement with this exercise, you are simply noticing what is.

  • Take the cup of coffee in your hands and start to notice how warm it feels (obviously not if the cup is scolding hot)!

  • Take a slow inhale through your nose and notice how the coffee smells; notice how that smell travels through your nose and hits the back of your throat

  • When you take your first sip, savour the taste on your tongue

  • Pause between each sip by putting the cup down, take a mindful breath in and out and continue to drink the coffee in this way

This technique will allow you to slow down the process of drinking the cup of coffee. By slowing down physically, you will automatically slow down mentally.

If thoughts start to enter about the day ahead or what happened yesterday, just bring yourself back to the cup of coffee; the smell, taste, feeling of warmth in your hands. You can also use sound to keep you present; the sounds of the coffee maker or spoon gently circling the cup as you add milk for example, or the coffee being made in the cafe (if you buy your coffee on the way to work).

If you find you run away with your thoughts, worry a lot, or are constantly thinking about the future, then try this simple mindfulness/ meditativetechnique to keep you right here in the now. I will leave you with these wise words from Buddha who said it so perfectly...

"The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn the past, worry about the future or anticipate troubles, but to live in the present moment."

Namaste x

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